Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor and Working Park City Pediatrician Keynotes Upcoming BIAU Conference

Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor and Working Park City Pediatrician Keynotes Upcoming BIAU Conference

Contact: George Gehling
Executive Director
Brain Injury Alliance of Utah

Press Release For Immediate Release
August 21, 2015

Murray, Utah – The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah is hosting their Annual Family and Professionals Conference this coming Friday, October 23, 2015 at Salt Lake City’s Sheraton Hotel. Keynote speakers include Alison Delgado, TBI Survivor and working Pediatrician, and Dr. Sheppard, Clinical Psychologist who specializes in treating people recovering from brain injury. Tickets are now available for purchase at Brain injury survivors and their caregivers can apply now to receive a scholarship to attend the event for free.

In 2010, just five short months after marrying her sweetheart and emergency medical resident Tim, Alison Delgado, sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and broken neck while riding her bicycle. Since that time, Alison and her husband Tim have worked side by side in her recovery. As of 2011 she has undergone 12 surgeries to her brain, chest and jaw. With unmatched courage and determination, this husband and wife duo have defied obstacles, deterrents and despair. Both are now practicing doctors in Park City, Utah. Alison continues to be an avid runner. In fact, this past spring she participated in BIAU’s 5K Run, Walk and Roll. She pummeled the race course, coming in a close 2nd overall with a lightening fast time of 19:39.

Alison recognizes that, “Every brain injury is different and I had a very miraculous recovery from my injury.  I am so lucky to even be here today to tell my story.”  Through her journey, she has a simple message for survivors, caregivers, and professionals supporting the needs of those with brain injury. “…My goal, whenever I share my story, is that my audience leaves with hope and the confidence that, you can always get stronger than anyone expected, if you set goals and have a strong support system.” After all, hope… “is the thing that keeps you going during those times.”

George Gehling, the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah’s Executive Director sheds important light on brain injury statistics in our state, and the purpose of this important event. ”Every year over 20,000 Utahans suffer a brain injury, often with devastating effects on the person injured and their family.  This conference provides a unique opportunity for people to learn and to be inspired by others who are in situations like theirs.” Event details and event registration can be found on

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah, BIAU, a non-profit community organization in Murray, Utah, serves Utah residents who have been affected by a brain injury by providing resources, education and a shared community connections.  For interviews or more information please call (801)716-4993 or visit our website at