Resource Facilitation

Often a person faces a lot of uncertainty after brain injury, including the transition back to work or school, funding options, recreation, family and spousal relationships, and coping with ongoing fatigue, headaches, depression. Resource Facilitation is a free, statewide service that provides persons affected by a brain injury with support transitioning back to their family life, work or school and the community. While many participants are referred at the point of discharge from the hospital, anyone can self-refer or be referred by a family member, friend or professional at any time after a traumatic brain injury.

The goal is to help individuals affected by traumatic brain injury problem-solve issues and identify resources to help ensure that the person and their family are getting their needs met. A Resource Facilitator from the BIAU staff will assist in developing a plan of action to establish goals and identify needed supports. The Resource Facilitator will provide on-going follow-up for several weeks to ensure that goals are being addressed and revised as appropriate.

Resource Facilitation is funded through a contract with the Utah Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program, which administers the TBI Fund authorized by the Utah State Legislature.

For more information, or to access Resource Facilitation Services, call 801-716-4993, or email or