Do one of the following apply to you? If so, we ask a favor.

You have an Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired (ABI) and oxygen related brain injuries are often just as difficult to cope with as TBI, including strokes, illnesses, substance abuse, and tumors. Resources are not as readily available for ABI victims. If you have an ABI and need support, please call us for a free consultation.

Your work supports TBI survivors

One of our main goals is to get TBI survivors back to normal life, including work. If your profession includes supporting brain injury survivors, including therapy, medical or educational support, we want you as part of our referral network. Please contact us today.

You are looking for a meaningful place to contribute

Financial resources are the waters of life in the game of public service. We rely on Utah’s TBI Fund, as well as corporate sponsors and private donations to provide free resource facilitation and services to those who walk through our doors. Please make a contribution to our cause!

• Monthly or One-Time Private Donation
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