New Partnership Forges MRI Opportunities For Those In Need

New Partnership Forges MRI Opportunities For Those In Need

Thanks to a few new BIAU partnerships, those seeking high-quality treatments and diagnostic testing have less expensive options.

Free MRI

Regardless of income level or insurance status, those in need are now eligible for a free neuropsych evaluation, including an MRI.

U.S.MRI, based out of South Jordan, has partnered with BIAU in order to offer these services. No more hospital visits and expensive MRI bills for individuals and families of brain injury victims!
U.S. MRI agreed to discount their service greatly, in addition, for those who qualify, the remaining balance will be paid by the TBI Fund, making the scan free for brain injury survivors.

Discounted Hotel Stay for Travelers

For those that live away from the South Jordan office provided the MRI, we have another great benefit.

Right across the street from U.S MRI, is a Residence Inn by Marriott, that has generously agreed to allow survivors and their families to stay, at a discounted rate, while they are receiving the help they need.

We hope this news will be especially encouraging to those in St. George, and other rural areas. Brain injury services and support are greatly lacking in many communities; sometimes patients wait 3-4 months before they can receive a psych evaluation exam and report. To the BIAU, this is impermissible.

With opportunities for free testing, in combination with discounted hotel stays, we hope many of those in less-served areas of Utah will be able to be seen in a timely manner and begin a treatment plan when it is needed: right away.