New Caregiver Program Launches January 2016

New Caregiver Program Launches January 2016

Caregivers of a family member with a brain injury often face many hurdles and burdens in finding their way.  The initial diagnosis of injury, or illness, and acute care is only the first step of the journey.  Getting the necessary knowledge and support as a caregiver to be successful in rehabilitation is integral to healing and success.

With this goal in mind, the BIAU has secured initial funding to accommodate this great need. “Caring for Yourself and Your Family Member with Brain Injury,” is a comprehensive effort that covers both those impacted by traumatic brain injury (TBI) and those impacted by acquired brain injury (ABI).  We have three target audiences who will benefit from this educational program: family members who are caregivers to those with brain injuries; individuals with brain injuries; and, professionals who work with people with brain injuries.


The program is a four-part, four-hour educational tool.

Module 1:  Introduction to brain injury
Module 2:  Understanding the effects of brain injury & what you can do to help
Module 3:  Becoming a family caregiver for a person with a brain injury
Module 4:  Identifying and accessing resources in the communityClasses will begin in January 2016. You can schedule to attend a class with others or you can do more of a one-on-one session with our Claudette Saville Felice, our health educator.

Claudette can be reached via email or by calling (801) 716-4993.