We have four winnners!! Click here to learn the names of our new mascots!


One of the easiest ways to prevent concussions and serious brain injuries is to wear the proper helmet during sports activities like skateboarding, biking, ice skating, skiing, and riding an ATV or scooter. As a matter of fact, wearing a bike helmet reduces the risk of head injury by as much as 85%!

That’s why our mascots wear helmets and we need your help to name them. It’s easy! Simply submit your idea to name one or more of our mascots in person, by email (laraine@biau.org) or by regular mail*. The person who submits the winning name for each mascot will receive a family pass for four free admissions to the Tracy Aviary on 589 east and 1300 South, Salt Lake City**.

Submit one idea per mascot and you could win! Winners will be notified by email.

*Mailing address: Brain Injury Alliance, 5280 South Commerce Drive, Suite E-190, Murray, UT 84107

**If a winning name is submitted by more than one person, a drawing will be held to pick the winner.


This parrot hurt her wing when she was little and can’t fly anymore. But she’s not sad because she learned how to ride a bike! She’s picked out different colored helmets to match her colorful feathers.


It’s safety first for this little kitty. She loves climbing trees but hasn’t quite mastered her landing technique and sometimes falls. Good thing she picked out a cute helmet to protect her furry head. She may be small, but she sure is smart!


It may be a surprise to you, but this tall giraffe is a cool skateboarder! He does awesome tricks at the skate park, thrilling the crowd with his signature “neck roll” trick. He’s always sure to wear a helmet to protect the most important part of his talent, his brain!


This kind-hearted orangutang thinks of others. While riding his green scooter, he brings bananas to all of his friends in the neighborhood and remembers to think of himself to. He wears a stylish helmet to keep his head safe on deliveries.