Introducing Conference Keynote Speaker, Dr. Adam Schwebach

Introducing Conference Keynote Speaker, Dr. Adam Schwebach

Dr. Adam Schwebach doesn’t only have years of involvement in neuroscientific study and lists of titles and achievements for excellence in that field; he also has deep personal motivation and a heart of empathy when working with survivors of brain injury and their families.

After a motor vehicle accident, Schwebach’s mother wasn’t quite the same. She began to suffer from a seizure disorder and struggled with this challenge from the time Schwebach was just a young child. Despite her vibrancy and tenacity, she also experienced ongoing mental health issues, including anxiety. As she has aged, her cognitive setbacks have become even more significant. For Schwebach, these challenges were just part of life.

That changed, however, when he enrolled in a neuropsychology course during his undergrad. “My eyes were opened to how the brain works. This really helped me to better understand what my mother was going through and more importantly,” he emphasized, “ways that I could help her overcome some of [her] challenges.” His passion was ignited and it has never stopped flaring.

From that point forward, Schwebach has dedicated his career to studies that have changed the lives of many brain injury survivors and their families. His extensive research has illuminated him as a leader in the field of cognitive-related studies and he currently serves as the director of the Neuropsychology Center of Utah. He has been presenting at professional conferences since 2004 and has published 12 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. His merit in the field is widely recognized.

Despite his significant distinctions and exceptional accomplishments, he has not forgotten his experiences in a family of a brain injury survivor. He empathizes with each new TBI patient, for he has walked in those shoes. He understands their needs, not just on a scientific level, but on an emotional level.

Dr. Schwebach is a truly outstanding individual and we are delighted to have him as our keynote speaker for BIAU’s Family and Professionals’ Conference this fall. He will share great insight into the cognitive challenges and personal struggles of TBI survivors and their families.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the greatest neuro-specialists in Utah. Reserve your spot at the conference today!