“Being HeadSmart” Is Brainy

Children age 14 and under have one of the highest rates of traumatic brain injury.  The active lifestyle of many children – biking, skateboarding, winter sports, team sports, just having fun at the playground or in the yard – increases the potential for concussions or more serious brain injury.

That’s why the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah developed a fun, 30 minute, interactive presentation targeting elementary and middle school children.  During the program the kids learn about the brain and its functions. Through simulations, they experience some of the effects of brain injury.  Kids work to identify potential causes of injury and brainstorm ways to prevent brain injury, such as wearing helmets while biking, or always wearing a seatbelt.

“Being HeadSmart” can be presented to small or large groups, from individual classrooms to school assemblies, and is available to scout groups, 4H and other organizations.  Parents with younger children might consider organizing a parent group to attend a “Being HeadSmart” presentation.

Please contact BIAU staffer Erin at info@biau.org to schedule a presentation.


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