Govenor Herbert Recognizes the Importance of Brain Injury Awareness Month in Utah

Govenor Herbert Recognizes the Importance of Brain Injury Awareness Month in Utah

This Friday, March 18th, Governor Herbert will be signing a declaration that acknowledges that March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. This recognition brings vital recognition for the important work needed to prevent more brain injuries and provide necessary support for the 56,000 Utah citizens who suffer from brain injury. Every 23 seconds, someone in the US sustains a brain injury.

Many of those injuries impact victims to a degree that they can no longer walk, talk, move, get dressed, or share their personality. The influence of brain injury is devastating, but it has not received proportionate recognition. We are trying to change that.

Glenn Lanham, BIAU’s Executive Director said, ”Governor Herbert’s official signing of this declaration designating March as Brain Injury Awareness Month is significant for so many Utah citizens – for the survivors of brain injury, for the family members and friends who serve as caregivers, for the medical professionals who dedicate their daily efforts to providing care, and for countless others whose lives have been affected by brain injury. We applaud Governor Herbert for his support of our vital work.”

As complicated as the injuries and their recovery paths are, the solution is deafeningly simple: prevent future brain injuries and provide the best education and resources possible for victims and their families.

The declaration states, “Brain Injury is a serious public health concern. . . We applaud the efforts of the Utah Brain Injury Council . . . not only to advocate for, facilitate, educate, and guide the implementation of a permanent and sustainable statewide traumatic brain injury system, but to implement brain injury awareness and prevention strategies as well.”

Governor Herbert seeks the support of Utah residents, community advocates and healthcare organizations in transforming awareness into everyday action that can improve the lives of those impacted by brain injury.

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