The Easiest Way to Spend 3 Months in Jail: Text & Drive

Texting & Driving Is Deadly

Consequences for texting while driving could include 3 months in jail and/or a $750 fine.*

If an officer sees you on his phone, he doesn’t need another excuse, he can pull you over and ticket you. Texting while driving is classified as a misdemeanor.

13.5% of all TBI incidences are results of motor vehicle accidents.** These strict Utah phone use laws are a major effort to prevent traumatic brain injuries. In this law’s first year, over 1,600 texters were pulled over and 126 crashes were a result of phone use.***

TBI Also Caused From Falls

Though we often think of car accidents when we talk about TBIs, a surprising 46.7% of traumatic brain injuries are results of falls.** The state may not have any laws about prevention in this area, but there are some things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from these kinds of TBIs:
• Exercise helps you maintain good balance and strength.
• Removing clutter that could cause a fall.

Remember, prevention is a personal decision. Will you commit to avert TBIs by not using your phone when driving? Will you help yourself and your family avoid falls by keeping walkways clear of clutter? Do your part to protect.