Brain Injury Awareness Purple Thursdays

Brain Injury Awareness Purple Thursdays

Brain Injury Alliance of Utah and the United States Brain Injury Alliance promoting brain injury awareness through “Purple Thursdays”

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah is joining USBIA affiliates from 17 states to promote Purple Thursdays during Brain Injury Awareness Month in March. The campaign is designed to shine a spotlight on traumatic brain injury, often referred to as “the silent epidemic.”

The Utah invites anyone touched by brain injury to wear something purple on any or all of the five Thursdays in March to show support for those affected by brain injury in (your state), the families that love them, and the professionals who care for them. People wearing purple are then invited to share their support by sending a photos of themselves or their group to the Utah. The Utah will use the pictures to spread awareness by posting them on its web site and via social media.

“Nobody thinks about a traumatic brain injury until it happens to them or someone they love,” said (state affiliate official and title). “At the Utah we work with hundreds of individuals and families whose lives have been upended by TBI, and many times they had never heard of brain injury before it hit home. We’ve launched Purple Thursdays as a way to raise general TBI awareness and also encourage prevention and overall brain health.”

It is estimated every 13.1 seconds, one person in the United State sustains a traumatic brain injury. The most common causes of TBI are falls, motor vehicle accidents, unintended collisions and assaults. Common symptoms of brain injury can include memory loss, headaches, anxiety, anger and other personality changes, increased sensitivity to light and sound, and a variety of communication and social difficulties.

“Brain injury does not discriminate” said Glenn Lanham, Executive Director of the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah. “It can literally happen to anyone, anywhere at any time, and the effects of a TBI can be life altering. I know dozens of stories where what seemed like an innocent bump on the head cost people their families, their careers and even their lives. That is why this Purple Thursday awareness campaign is so important.”

Please post any pictures with #purplethursday  #braininjuryawareness and/or tag them with the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah on Facebook.

For more information on Purple Thursdays, or for general information on brain injury, please contact Glenn Lanham at 801-716-4993 or visit