Brain Injury Alliance Members Only Webinar Featuring Dr. Erin Bigler

Brain Injury Alliance Members Only Webinar Featuring Dr. Erin Bigler

Erin_BiglerAs a BIAU member you are entitled to exclusive perks. We are adding a terrific feature to the Membership package – quarterly webinars featuring a experts in the field.  The webinars are available exclusively to Members at no additional cost beyond your annual Membership fee.

The first webinar will be Thursday, November 12 at noon, featuring Dr. Erin Bigler, professor of psychology and neuroscience at BYU, and teacher and mentor to many professionals who work with people with brain injury.  Dr. Bigler’s topic is Recent Brain Injury Research Findings and the Implications for People with a Brain Injury, Family Caregivers and Professionals in the Field.  This promises to be an enlightening, can’t miss presentation.  We appreciate Dr. Bigler participating in this kickoff event.

Learn about recent brain injury research and the implications for survivors, family members and professionals in the field.

This will be a free webinar for the public and the first of a series of quarterly webinars. Future webinars will only be open to members of the Brain Injury Alliance. You may access the webinar Thursday November 12th at 12:00 PM by clicking the link,…/2983098561917451522, or dialing in via phone by calling, 1(562)247-8421, attendee access code: 114-804-194

The second quarterly webinar will be held in February 2016.  We are excited to offer this new Member benefit and look forward to your participation.