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Be Inspired

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Have you ever watched extreme sports in the Olympics and thought, “What if they went down?” Well, Jamie Crane-Mauzy can tell you.

In 2015, Olympic skier Jamie “Mo-Crazy” went for a double flat-spin 720. She came down face first, incurring a paralyzing traumatic brain injury.

Amazingly, she has defied the odds and she is back on the slopes. She will also be at BIAU’s 5K in 9 days!

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She shared these experiences from her recovery, “I believe there are two kinds of luck.  Controlled and uncontrolled. I had uncontrolled luck, I stayed alive, but a huge factor was my controlled luck. My mom tied my left hand down so I had to make breakfast completely with my right hand.  It took me 1 hour to [make] cereal. That was hard, and made me upset, but allowed my right hand to regain its function. . . my recovery was completely marked by controlled luck.”


Be Inspired!

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