Be a Hero: May 2016 5K

Be a Hero: May 2016 5K

Why “Run, Walk, and Roll?” We want everyone to be able to accomplish a goal—at their level.

Have you ever run a 5K next to someone in a wheelchair? Or crossed the finish line to see heroic families of those who are trying to beat the odds?

If you want a 5K that motivates and inspires you, this is your 5K. BIAU personifies the drive to overcome the impossible. Many victims of traumatic brain injury are given bleak prognosis, but there are heroes in every story.

Learn the stories. Run with the heroes. Become a hero. If a 5K is a challenge for you, we invite you to take on that challenge with vigor! You can run, walk or roll through the finish line. Come, conquer your beast, and along the way help others who are doing the same thing with their brain injury recovery. We will cheer for you the entire way!

See you soon!