$10 Bike Helmets Now Available Online

$10 Bike Helmets Now Available Online

What if wearing a bike helmet could prevent your loved one from experiencing the full force of a bicycle accident, including possible months in the hospital, thousands of dollars in medical expenses, and even death?

Protecting Utahans from a devastating brain injury is one of the main focuses of the Brain Injury Alliance of Utah. As a resource facilitator for thousands who have experienced brain injury, BIAU’s team is fully aware of the financial, physical and emotional cost that brain injuries have on families. Executive Director George Gehling explains, “Concussions and other brain injuries can lead to a lifetime of diminished life quality.  Purchasing a bike helmet for only $5 is a small investment to make to potentially prevent a tragedy.”

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah now offers Utah families the opportunity to purchase bicycle helmets for infants, children, teens and adults for just $10 online at www.biau.org. Convenient pick up locations are available throughout Utah, including in Salt Lake County, Davis, Weber, and Cache Counties.

“Why are we taking the initiative to offer everyone bike helmets for only $10?” Gehling asks.  “We believe the best way to deal with brain injury is to prevent getting injured in the first place.”

This program is part of HeadSmart, an initiative to improve the dialogue and actions that surround head safety. We are working on educating kids and parents the importance of wearing helmets, from the time children are little. Most people feel immune to the effects of those devastating accidents, until it’s them, and they wish they would have simply protected their skull.  Gehling explains, “Bicycle accidents are the 3rd leading cause of concussions and more serious traumatic brain injuries in Utah.   And studies show that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of serious injury by as much as 85%! Children are most affected by these injuries.  They are also the least likely age group to wear a helmet.  Clearly, parents have to take the initiative.”

To purchase a $10 helmet, click here. Choose from four different sizes, for infants/toddlers (0-3), Small (4-6), Medium (7-11) and Large (12 – adults.) With a retail price tag of $15, you can’t lose out by spending a Lincoln, or just $5, on a new helmet for those you love most. We only want you to protect the brain you want to keep! Stop by our office or visit click here today!