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Who is BIAU?

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah, was established in 1984 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Alliance is the only non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to education and support for the issues of prevention and recovery of brain injury in the state of Utah. Click here to meet our Board of Directors!

Mission Statement

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah provides Hope, Help and Healing through Education, Facilitation, and Advocacy.

BIAU works with many organizations, creating a network of support and information to serve people with brain injury and their families. Whether you are a person with a brain injury, a family member, a community member or a professional in the field your involvement and support will strengthen the brain injury community and will help make a difference.

Financial Statements

The Brain Injury Alliance of Utah is committed to providing transparency in our financial records to our benefactors, contributors, members and sponsors. We are proud of the fact that 81% of our expenditures go directly to providing program services to people with brain injury and their families to promoting brain injury awareness and prevention. The balance of our outgoing costs goes towards fundraising and management costs.